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Together Again
Spoilers: RPG
Rating: PG
Summary: Shannon and Eric’s first interaction after being divorced for several years.

Eric and Shannon stared at each for a long moment after the meeting ended. Both were surprised that they were seeing each other again. Both had stayed in the intelligence community after their divorce but they had gone their separate ways. And to Eric, Shannon had almost seemed to fall off the face of the earth.

“So we’re working together again huh?” Shannon asked with a smile. “Like old times.”

Eric nodded. “Where have you been all these years? I haven’t seen or heard from you.”

Shannon smirked. “Right back at you, Eric.”

At that moment, one of the secretaries swung by. “Agent Weiss, your wife is on the phone.”

Eric turned to the woman and nodded. “Please let her know that I’ll call her back shortly.”

Eric and Shannon stood in silence for a long moment after the woman left. “So you’re married again,” Shannon observed.

He looked back over at her, not entirely sure what to say. “I never expected to be.”

“But then you met her. Who is she? Is she in the job too?”

“Are you sure you really want to know?” Eric asked her. “I…”

“I’m a big girl, Eric,” she reminded him. “And we did make the decision to split up together. I never expected that you would stay single forever.” I also never quite expected him to marry either she thought silently to herself.

“Arica’s a good woman,” Eric said quietly. “You would like her.”


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