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Twisted 4/5
by aragorns_twisted_angel
A Lord of the Rings Story

Rating: PG-13


Author's Note: Trying to finish my earlier fic.

Summary: Okay so discrepancies are built into this as it is an AU. What if Aragorn were captured with Merry and Pippin at the end of Fellowship?

Special thanks to Amy for her help!
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Second Breakfast
By KaraB
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Summary: Pippin intends that nothing will ever again get in the way of second breakfast!

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I have reposted the first part of "Switched" in my fic journal - Switched here!

This is the Lotr fic where Aragorn and Legolas switch bodies. I never had the inspiration to finish it, until now... so I'm hoping to add a part 2 this week *grins*
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B2MEM : Back to Middle Earth Month

Miss the golden days of the Lord of the Rings fandom? Get homesick for Middle-Earth?
Then this is for you!

You don't need to sign up anywhere to participate. But if you see this on your friends-page and like the idea, please post this text to your LJ to spread the word.

How to participate:

1. Pick a day of the week (or more than one) on which you resolve to always post something LotR-related in March, and let your friends-list know.

2. Go back and read your favourite chapters from the book, or watch the movies again. Let the beauty of LotR inspire you. And then, share the love.

3. Start your subject line with (B2MEM) when you post, and use a "b2mem" tag. This'll make it easy to spot your B2MEM-entries.

No matter if you just ramble about your undying love for LotR, picspam us, post wallpapers, icons, or write fan fic / create fan art, the plan is to get as many LotR-related entries on our friends-pages as possible throughout March.

Sounds good? We've been there, let's go back again!

I'll choose Wednesday for my B2MEM entries :)
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Title: Fellowshipping
Author: KaraB
Rating: PG
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Written for: [ profile] roguem

Frodo paused in his reverie. Today was an important day. It was one year ago that it had all ended… that they’d defeated Sauron, Saruman and all their evil forces. And things were still as confusing as they’d ever been, at least for him.

Sam had settled down for the simple life and it suited him, but Frodo no longer felt a citizen of the Shire.

“Mr. Frodo?” a voice questioned, shaking him completely from his thoughts. “Mr. Frodo?” the voice asked again, concern present.

“I’m alright Sam.”

“You shouldn’t be dwellin’ on events. The ring was destroyed…” Sam always had been able to tell what he was feeling. “We have a surprise for you Mr. Frodo.”

“What is it Sam?” he asked, curious now.

“Come with me.”

Frodo almost declined but Sam was far too excited to refuse him. He followed him to Bilbo’s old house and was surprised when the lights flashed on to reveal his companions.

Aragorn was the first to speak, as befitted the kingly ranger. “My little friend, we are all in your debt and thought perhaps you could use some company on this night.” He paused and smiled slightly. “And we brought presents and food as well.”

“Tis the least we could do,” Legolas added.

“I assure you this was not necessary,” Frodo started.

“Aye laddie, it was.” Gimli was there of course.

Frodo paused another moment, tempted to try and leave and lose himself in his thoughts once again. Instead, he spoke, “There’s food you say?”

Everyone laughed. And instead of spending the night in dark thoughts, he spent the night in fellowship with friends.


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