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Title: The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Rating: PG [one minor bad word]
Fandoms: Alias/Covert Affairs
Disclaimer: NOT MINE. Me No Own. Sue Me Not.

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Title: Hockey Games and Long Drinks
Author: KaraB
Rating: PG
Fandom: Alias
Summary: Sweiss
Written for: [ profile] ramdonomo

Weiss was never much for hockey games. He sucked at playing the sport and was never very excited about watching it, despite how Vaughn kept trying to convert him. And here he was, hanging out with Sydney, Vaughn, and Nadia. Nadia actually seemed to be enjoying it, but Sydney, like himself, looked bored out of her mind.

“I’m going to get drinks,” Sydney said.

“I’ll help,” Weiss offered, never more glad for anything to get him out of the room.

Vaughn and Nadia both offered noncommittal replies that only indicated that they hadn’t been listening in the first place.

“What is it with hockey?” Weiss grumbled, leaning back against a counter as Sydney pulled a few glasses off the shelf.

“I know,” she sighed, then added pointedly. “Weren’t you going to help me get drinks?”

“Sure,” Weiss replied. “But it may take a while, because I really can’t decide what I want…” He smirked. “I may not be able to decide till the game’s over.”

Sydney laughed. “You know what, suddenly I’m having the same problem.”
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Title: Outside the Circle
Fandom: Alias
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season 5 of Alias
Summary: Fic for [ profile] fanfic100. Find the rest at [ profile] eric_weiss100.
Topic: Outsides

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Trouble with Goodbye
Spoilers: The first 2 eps of 5th season Alias.
Rating: G
Summary: Extension of the end.

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For all my stories for Eric Weiss for [ profile] fanfic100, please see my community [ profile] eric_weiss100

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Here's a community I created where I'll post my 100 Eric Weiss stories!

[ profile] eric_weiss100
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When you see this, quote Alias

Weiss: Jack is going to shoot you in the face.
Vaughn: Just give me a half-hour head start. Tell him that she called your phone and you gave it to me. We only have ten hours to find Kaplan.
Weiss: If we end up sharing a cell in federal prison, I'm not giving you a drawer.
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Greg Grunberg on The View

A year-long "Celebration" continues on ABC's Emmy Award-winning talk and entertainment program, "The View" (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET), now in its eighth season. During the week of JUNE 27-JULY 1, co-hosts Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones Reynolds, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck welcome Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, Dakota Fanning, Justin Chatwin and Miranda Otto ("War of the Worlds"), Tom Bergeron (ABC's "Dancing with the Stars"), Harriet Harris ("The Dining Room"), Randy Jackson ("American Idol"), Greg Grunberg (ABC's "Alias"), John Leguizamo ("Crsnicas") and musical guest Amici ("Defined").

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 - "Men's Day Wednesday"; Randy Jackson ("American Idol"); co-host Joy Behar's hilarious month in review; Greg Grunberg (ABC's "Alias").
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Can anyone make me a Weiss Christmas icon?
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Finally getting the [ profile] ggdaily community off the ground with the season 4 promo being the first shot! PLEASE come join! Get a daily dose of Greg!
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Field of Innocence
Part 4
By Kara B.

An Alias Story

Rating: PG/PG-13

Summary: Post "Resurrection"

Feedback: Please send!

For parts 1-3, see my memories under "Kara Fic"

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Anyone want to be subscribed or invited to the list? Please respond here and leave your email address.

Comments are screened, so only I and the poster can see em.
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1. Comment, Credit, Take!
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New Greg Grunberg List and Site Location!!!!

We have a new site location! All nice and banner free! And recently updated!

We have also moved the list to be on the actual server the site is on to
eliminate all the spam we've been getting! Please come subscribe!! [input the entire link... don't think it's clickable on most programs]

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ALL are from Doppleganger -- the current [ profile] alias_challenge challenge!

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1. Give credit if you take!!!
2. Please do not alter the icons
3. Post here and let me know if you take one, or if you like em :)


Jul. 23rd, 2004 04:53 pm
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1. Credit if you take.
2. Do not alter icons
3. Please post if you take!!! I'd like to know :) Thanks!!!


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