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Title: Hockey Games and Long Drinks
Author: KaraB
Rating: PG
Fandom: Alias
Summary: Sweiss
Written for: [ profile] ramdonomo

Weiss was never much for hockey games. He sucked at playing the sport and was never very excited about watching it, despite how Vaughn kept trying to convert him. And here he was, hanging out with Sydney, Vaughn, and Nadia. Nadia actually seemed to be enjoying it, but Sydney, like himself, looked bored out of her mind.

“I’m going to get drinks,” Sydney said.

“I’ll help,” Weiss offered, never more glad for anything to get him out of the room.

Vaughn and Nadia both offered noncommittal replies that only indicated that they hadn’t been listening in the first place.

“What is it with hockey?” Weiss grumbled, leaning back against a counter as Sydney pulled a few glasses off the shelf.

“I know,” she sighed, then added pointedly. “Weren’t you going to help me get drinks?”

“Sure,” Weiss replied. “But it may take a while, because I really can’t decide what I want…” He smirked. “I may not be able to decide till the game’s over.”

Sydney laughed. “You know what, suddenly I’m having the same problem.”
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by Kara B.

© 2002


An Alias Story

Rating: PG-13


ALIAS TIMELINE: This takes place after Almost Thirty Years.

Author's Note: I adore Weiss, okay? He's my favorite character and so I love to cause him great pain and suffering. *g* But I also love to torture my dear readers . . . hee hee hee


"I can't believe he's gone." Sydney whispered softly.

"I know." Weiss agreed quietly. He had called her to meet at the warehouse as soon as he'd heard that the CIA had found Vaughn's body.

Tears flowed down Sydney's cheeks, and Weiss touched her arm. "He was my best friend. And he cared about you . . . a great deal."

"I'm just so scared . . . and I feel so alone. I mean, first Sloane ordered Danny's death. And then what happened with Noah being the Snowman . . . and Will's life has been put in total jeopardy . . . and Vaughn's dead. I'm so alone."

"Look, I know I'm not Vaughn, but if you need someone to talk to, I don't mind listening. I asked Devlin if he would assign you to me. He said yes, if you agreed."

Sydney gave something resembling a nod and then buried her face in her hands, crying.

He reached out to hug her again. "I miss him too."

Suddenly, something happened . . . . . .

So this is what it felt like to kiss Sydney Bristow.

Something Vaughn had never done. Something Weiss was now doing . . . or perhaps receiving was the better word, since Sydney had initiated it.

//What am I thinking? What the heck are we doing?// He pulled away, "Sydney."

Her eyes widened, realizing what they'd done.

"I'm sorry." Sydney buried her face in her hands again, obviously embarrassed.

"I can't cross this line Sydney. Not now and not ever. For several reasons . . . and I don't just mean protocol. Vaughn was in love with you . . . I have no right . . ." He trailed off and cursed, "Sydney, I do care about you, but not in a romantic way. As a friend - yes. And if circumstances were different, I might could fall in love with you.

But this isn't my place. And frankly, given what I've already done . . . don't want it to be."


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Falling Into You
by Kara B

An Alias Story

Rating: G/PG

Summary: Post "The Frame" – continuation of the final scene


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