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Alias Poem: A Way to Go On

the sun bows to the world
as it dips beneath the horizon
each breath echos with sadness
And pain
And darkness
And fear
in this one day, I become
a lost child in a darker and scarier world
I'm an orphan
or I might as well be.
never again, will innocence and trust
block my view of reality.
everything I know, everything I knew
is in ashes
And unlike the phoenix, it cannot
rise again
and be as good as new
but, I will rise
I will rise and eventually find myself again.
I will find a way to go on.
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Alias Poem: Resurrecting Pain

My entire life has been a lie
And for once I thought my tears would dry
But alas, its not to be for now
And all because of that stupid cow

Amazing that she'd give me the truth
Accompanied with ample proof
My father is behind this all
She told me the key before her fall.

I've lost my keys, so Marshall once said
But I've lost all my faith and trust instead
My friends are hurt, my heart is crushed
And I don't have a clue of whom to trust.

Sometimes the truth hurts, that's for sure
That one truth is most secure
But once you find it, how do you then
Pick up the pieces that have fallen?
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Truth, Justice, Mercy, Love, Hope and Grace
All came to bear in Middle Earth's fate
The sun was sinking, the world was a mess
And Gollum, the ring he wanted as he confessed

They raced to the mountain as fast as they could
But Frodo was weak and could not walk as he should
Sam carried him the rest of the way
This is the truth of what happened that day

And into the fire, and into the flame
They made their way without any shame.
And Gollum finally, the ring did he steal
And fell into the fire letting out one final squeal.

Our heroes were left in the worst of the storm
But the eagles did come, true to their form
And took them away, wafting in the air
And carried them to Gondor, with the greatest of care

Once back in the now safe revered town
And the final battle was dying on down
The hobbits they took a much earned rest
Until for the wedding they did look their best

And all bowed down to the four that day
Never again will we see such destruction did they pray
And return to the Shire the hobbits did go
With Merry and company in tow.

And Frodo wanted to but not remain
Though he'd saved Middle Earth, he still felt great pain
And away to the place of the Havens of Gray
He went to live in peace he may.
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The burden was heavy, the journey was long
And it seemed that all that could, seemed to go wrong.
Friendship and love conquers all, so they say
And it definitely did that very black day

But Frodo had Samwise the Brave by his side always
And never once did he leave even when Frodo bade him go away
He made the choice, and accepted the cost
Of all that could, would, and might have been lost.

Sam never left his friend, never did stray
His love and his friendship made it that way
Friends forever, could that be true?
I know that it is, as I have met you.


May. 16th, 2004 10:43 pm
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The darkness has fallen, the sun has set
Evening has come to Middle Earth
Its fate is hanging in the balance
Will the ring bearer overcome what so many have not?

Will the darkness end? Will justice triumph?
Will the light appear once again to crush the dark?
Or will all the light be sucked out of all the land?
And all fall down under Sauron's evil hand?

True friendship always will succeed
A true friend is there when one is in need
Two small hobbits triumphing over the darkness
That has encompassed the entire of Middle Earth

A shining beacon in the middle of the deathly night
An angel by your side till the end of the world
A warm comforting fire when all else is gone
The other half of your own soul, is a friend

LOTR poem

May. 16th, 2004 09:54 pm
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Inspired by Amy

Frodo journeyed to Mordor, the land of the dark
Along with him came Sam, loyal at heart
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, a friendship did spark
Never once did the three of them part

Cold, dark, damp, evil and fear
Was what Frodo and Sam felt as they drew near
To the heart of evil, the bane of the world
And all they had was their friendship which near came unfurled.

All hope was lost and nothing seemed gained
Near at the end, The fight seemed in vain
Sam and Frodo to each other were true.
And at the end, truth and justice came through.


May. 5th, 2004 10:05 pm
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