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Joshua Doors icon with "Still Joshua's Goddess" on it. [or failing that - simply "Joshua's Goddess"]

Pictures to use under the cut:
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I'd like one or both of the following icons.

[maybe an animated] One that says
"Can we brain it?"
"No we can't!"


One that says:

"The stupid, It BURNS!!!"
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Anyone have any good screen caps or icons from last night?


Mar. 2nd, 2006 04:27 pm
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Like my icon?


Bf has been joking that I'll strain my hand if I keep holding it out to see the ring. So I decide to make me an icon. Now I can look without that risk. *giggles*
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Please come join [ profile] weiss_stillness -- My first Icon contest community!!! *squess*
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Can anyone make me a Weiss Christmas icon?
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Please comment and credit if you use.

Also taking names on the icon meme! If you want me to make you an icon based on an interest, Go Here! I pick the interest though!
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These are all made from the Season 4 Promos! Please credit me if you use!

1. 6. 10.

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Jeremiah, Alias, Hidalgo

6. 11. 14.

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Please come join the icon community I created! [ profile] mellon_nin

For Alias, Lord of the Rings and MANY OTHER Iconage!
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1. Comment, Credit, Take!
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Crossposted to my personal journal and my icon community [ profile] mellon_nin

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1. Please credit me if you use.
2. Please post if you take one or like em :) I like to know!
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ALL are from Doppleganger -- the current [ profile] alias_challenge challenge!

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1. Give credit if you take!!!
2. Please do not alter the icons
3. Post here and let me know if you take one, or if you like em :)


Jul. 23rd, 2004 04:53 pm
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1. Credit if you take.
2. Do not alter icons
3. Please post if you take!!! I'd like to know :) Thanks!!!
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Here's some icons I made!

1. If you use one please credit me in the keyword line [ profile] aricadavidson
2. Please do NOT alter any gifs without permission!
3. If you use, please post a note here and let me know which ones! (As I'm the curious type!)

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1. Credit me, [ profile] aricadavidson if you use ANY of these!
2. Please post and let me know which ones you like!
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Again, please credit [ profile] aricadavidson if you use it!
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Please be sure to credit me if you use!


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