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Happy Birthday to Me
Spoilers: Firefly in General
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s River’s birthday
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No! No!! No!!!
Spoilers: Firefly in General
Rating: PG
Summary: Challenge response to the fireflyholidays challenge.
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[ profile] hawkfromhandsaw - Altered Mental States Ficathon - You can still claim prompts but the deadline to post is Sept 12!

Birthdays in the Verse [Firefly] - signups close on Sept 2nd. Lots of prompts taken and lots left!

[ profile] time_x_space - Dr. Who ficathon; sign ups close on Sept 7th.

Cameron Mitchell Ficathon [SG1] - signups close on Sept 10

Sam/Cam Promptathon - No Deadline.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 11:03 pm
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This really has been a week from the past!

First I run back into the EFC fandom online.

Then I run into the lady who used to be my roommate

And now I've run into Wil deVry [aka Joshua Doors] online. Which is weird, but it's good to know he's doing well. :)

And all this around the third anniversary of the day I first spoke with my now husband - August 13.

Hey Dr. Who fans, don't forget to sign up for [ profile] time_x_space, my friend's Dr. Who Ficathon!!!!
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Someone's running a ficathon! Better go sign up!

[ profile] time_x_space

Almost wish I was a fan so I could participate. I miss ficathons lol...


Jun. 27th, 2007 08:42 pm
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Are there any good ficathons going on now? I know about the SPN Crossover one, but I don't watch Supernatural...
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I finished my story! YAY!

It's Wilson/Julie *grins*
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I haven't had a meaningful update in a while, have I?

I'm still in North Carolina and I have a job. I'm working through a temp service for now but I've been at the same place since I started work -- at a Housing Authority. I work in the purchasing department, filling in for a lady who's been out. She's back now but they're wanting to keep me for a while longer to help out with a lot of other things.

What is a Housing Authority? A Housing Authority manages the low-income housing in a city; tries to help people find places to live, etc.

Everyone here is so incredibly nice! I can barely believe how great the people are!

My bf and I are still doing alright :) We had a great date this past Saturday - We went to dinner and then to a play at a restored downtown theatre, that is over 100 years old. The theatre may be a so-called "community" theatre, but it had professional quality.

Let's see... what else?

I already mentioned the dislocated jaw and the twisted ankles and the being sick. Trust me, you do NOT want a dislocated jaw. It happened when I bit into some mozzerella sticks from Sonic and they were way too hot. It happened Saturday night and the chiropractor wasn't open again till 9am Monday morning. Gah. Never felt pain like that before. Over that period of time, I tried tylenol, aspirin, advil, aleve, and aspercreme -- none of it worked. Gah.

Fandom - I've entered a few ficathons. I'll probably be working on fics some tonight. I don't know if I'll be online as the net is down at my bf's house. If it's back up; I'll be around.

You should see some new fics at my writing journal in the next few days as I have lots of story ideas bopping around in my head - Alias, Firefly, House, Atlantis, Stargate, and more! You can find that here: [ profile] kara_muse
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Go see my friend Mo's Atlantis Ficathon!

[ profile] lantisficathon
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I was thinking of doing a holiday ficathon, where the theme is of some holiday (not necessarily Christmasy!). Everyone writes a fic for someone else... based on the request. All fandoms are welcome to enter!

Sign up here!

Livejournal name:

What fandoms you write:
What you will NOT write (ratings content-wise)

What you'd like for your fic:
What you don't want in your fic!

Assignments will be given out by Christmas with the deadline at the end of January.
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I've decided to run a Weiss Ship ficathon. All the stories involved would have some sort of Weiss ship in them, be it Sweiss, Neiss, Veiss or whatever (lol). I know this is very very similar to the Weiss ficathon we just had but I had one in planning when I found that one... so I'm trying to give this one a slightly different theme!

Please sign up by emailing the following information to me at

You can also post here if you wish, but emailing it to me will keep things more secretive!

Livejournal Username (if you have one):
Preferred Weiss pairing:
3 things you would want in a Weiss ship story:
3 things you would NOT want in a Weiss ship story:
Any restrictions on what you will write?

Assignments will be sent out on July 21st! Please go ahead and sign up!!!

I liked this format used by [ profile] shadesofbrixton in her ficathon! That way everyone gets something they want! Thanks [ profile] jadekitten01 for the encouragement!


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