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In the End
By KaraB
Fandom: Earth Final Conflict
Rating: G
Summary: You ought to know I can’t write anything else!!!! Based on the prompt "Trees" in the drabble thread of [ profile] efc_revival

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Aug. 23rd, 2007 11:03 pm
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This really has been a week from the past!

First I run back into the EFC fandom online.

Then I run into the lady who used to be my roommate

And now I've run into Wil deVry [aka Joshua Doors] online. Which is weird, but it's good to know he's doing well. :)

And all this around the third anniversary of the day I first spoke with my now husband - August 13.

Hey Dr. Who fans, don't forget to sign up for [ profile] time_x_space, my friend's Dr. Who Ficathon!!!!
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The End or the Beginning?
Spoilers: Earth: Final Conflict, definitely up through “Limbo” [I confess, I never saw Season 5 so I don’t know how it all ended].
Rating: PG
Summary: After the Taelons finally leave ;)
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There's an EFC revival going on - to get back in touch with people we knew back when ;)

[ profile] efc_revival

Hop on over.
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Let me preface this fic by saying a couple of things. It IS NOT totally complete. It's complete enough in the sense that the general storyline is represented and it can be followed. It is NOT complete in the sense that it doesn't have all the scenes I want it to have. But given that I won't ever "finish" it, and that it's complete enough to post, and that it likely won't have an audience, I thought I'd take the risk. So, please, don't come back and fuss because scenes are missing or that I didn't develop something completely -- I KNOW that.

But the fic is as far as I know, a one of a kind crossover, so, here you go... if you're interested.

angel boy
by Kara B.
Date: 2001
An EFC/Touched By An Angel Story
Rating: PG/PG-13
Archival: TftSA, All others ask before using!
Spoilers: Limbo

Disclaimer: You know the drill. The characters in this story DO NOT belong to me. They belong to whoever owns them -- I'm just borrowing. I DO NOT make any money off this. I do this strictly for fun and personal enjoyment. I promise to return the characters (relatively) unharmed. For the record, I'm just a college student and have absolutely NO money at all so please don't sue me.
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Title: Worlds Collide Fantastically!
Part 1:Flame and Flight
Part 2:Invisibly Shaken
Part 3:Great Minds...
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Fantastic Four/Harry Potter Crossover

A Boy Named Sue Part 1
Firefly Story

truth sings against a stone
Earth: Final Conflict/The Practice Crossover [this one is an old one I never posted]


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