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Happy Birthday all!

6 -- [ profile] bellalumina
6 -- [ profile] imjinnie
8 -- [ profile] overdriven_
11 -- [ profile] eskevar
12 -- [ profile] moofoot
16 -- [ profile] jenga_au
18 -- [ profile] simplelyric
22 -- [ profile] papertiger04
26 -- [ profile] lordmathem
26 -- [ profile] _jems_
29 -- [ profile] ashism
29 -- [ profile] starbuck92
31 -- [ profile] forgottenagent
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Happy Birthday Ames! Hope you're having a great day!
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Hope you have a great birthday!
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Hope you had a great day!
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Happy Belated Bday to [ profile] medie and [ profile] misssimm

And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] ramdonomo and [ profile] snowqueene!!!!
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Happy Birthday Brittany!!!!! [[ profile] divisionvixen]

Have a great one!!!!
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To [ profile] tishamoon Hope you have a great one!
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A big Happy Birthday to:

[ profile] admiralmemo and [ profile] frodobaggins_88!!!!!

Hope you guys have had a great one!
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December 31st
Happy Birthday to [ profile] forgottenagent

January 4th
[ profile] hockeychick13

Happy Birthday guys!!! *HUGS*
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Here is the link to my Christmas List if ya'll need it. I'm about to head out of town for a week [see below entries].

Anyway, I WILL be working on meme stuff for you guys after I get back! Sorry I didn't get it done before but we had exams... and papers... *gag* But I have some ideas for stuff for you guys!
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Since there is a holiday meme going around, thought I'd participate. The idea is to list 10 things you'd like and surf around and if you can grant them on other people's memes, to do so.

Here is my amazon wish list, for those who'd rather go that route: Kara's Wish list

If you'd rather give an online gift here are some ideas:

Read more... )
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Happy Birthday to:  [ profile] imjinnie and [ profile] bellalumina

Hope ya'll have a great day!!!

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] meldewen04!!!!!! *HUGS*
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Hope your day is all you wish for and more!

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Hope you had a good one!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] counterfeitcoin!!!!!!

Hope it's a great one!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] spy_barbie !!!
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Happy birthday Greg!!!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] s052471

Hope today is great Sharon!!!


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