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It's short and sweet...

See Parts 1 and 2 for disclaimer etc...


He’d been careless – that was the only explanation for being caught so offguard. He’d turned, sure something was behind him and a tranquilizer dart had hit him at that moment.

The first day was nothing but a blur of pain, of him not knowing who had him or what was going on but he was patient – the right moment usually came and the beatings he could endure.

The second day was when things got interesting.

“I told you if we ever met again, things would not go so well for you,” a familiar voice said.

“And if I’d had my way, we’d have never met again,” Eliot replied. “Despite what you want to believe, I didn’t cost you that money.”

“And yet I think you did.”

Eliot felt a tug at his blindfold and closed his eyes, knowing they would need to adjust to the sudden light.

“Open your eyes, Mr. Spencer because I’m the last thing you’re ever going to see.”

Then there was white hot light and pain and screaming… lots of screaming.

Eliot sat straight up, gasping and realizing he was on a couch… Nate’s apartment. He was safe.


“I’m fine,” he breathed out, sounding anything but. “Go back to Sophie.”

Nate hesitated.

“Please Nate, just go,” Eliot hissed.

Without another word and perhaps because the hitter sounded so desperate, Nate forced himself to leave.

Sophie was sitting on the bed, waiting. “Is he?” she trailed off.

“Flashback, I think,” Nate replied. “He wants to be left alone.”

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?”

“There’s really nothing else to do. He knows we’ll do anything for him if he asks,” Nate said reasonably.

“Doing nothing feels wrong.”

“Well, doing what Eliot needs is paramount.”


Morning finally came and Nate found Eliot already up and moving around. “How’d you sleep?”

“Aside from the flashback, fine.”

“I suspected that was the problem. Do you want to talk about it?”

“No.” A pause. “Is Sophie alright?”

“She’s fine, just concerned. She’s getting a shower at the moment.”

Eliot nodded, having heard the water start moments before. The two men sat in silence for a few minutes. “So, do Hardison and Parker know yet?”

“About?” Nate asked, confused for a moment.

“You and Sophie.”

“We haven’t exactly advertised.”

“Might as well have to any observant person.”

“How long have you known?”

“Since San Lorenzo.” It was Eliot’s turn to smirk. “Hardison’s too caught up in his and techno-crap and Parker’s… Parker.”

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“Not my business.” Eliot shrugged. For the moment it was easy to forget the soreness in his muscles, the occasional stings of pain from the torture and the blindness. Nate, at least, knew how to pretend to act normal, well.. besides hovering a bit much. He tensed briefly when Nate’s cell phone rang.

“Alright, we’ll be right there.” Nate turned to Eliot just as Sophie entered the room, placing an arm on Eliot’s shoulder. “Hardison found something for us.”

“You two go on. I’ll be there in a minute.” Eliot only wanted to be sure he was allowed to navigate on his own, almost feeling Sophie’s unspoken offer to guide him.

“Alright,” Nate replied, not giving Sophie a chance to object. “Don’t be too long or I’m sending Parker to find you.”

Eliot gave a sigh, but stood as soon as he heard the door shut, not intending to stay long. He made his way downstairs with a minimal problems just in time to hear Nate’s exclamation.


“What’s going on?” Eliot asked.

“The guy who kidnapped you, I found him,” Hardison said, slightly stunned.

“So what’s the problem?”

“He’s dead…”

Eliot could almost feel everyone looking at him. “I had nothing to do with it.” He left off the fact that he wished he had. He gave a sigh and shook his head.

“At least we can move on now…” Hardison said, trailing off.



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