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Title: The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Rating: PG [one minor bad word]
Fandoms: Alias/Covert Affairs
Disclaimer: NOT MINE. Me No Own. Sue Me Not.

“So we’re getting a new addition to the department, according to what I heard,” Annie Walker greeted, handing her colleague a cup of coffee.

“That would be correct,” Auggie replied “Wow, it’s hot this time. You really must be desperate for the gossip.”

“Well, actually, several people are out… and a couple more came in early and already have coffee,” she admitted sheepishly.

“Merely a hot coffee of convenience,” Auggie replied. “I’m hurt. But I haven’t heard who the new guy is yet.”

“According to what I hear, it’s Eric Weiss, former liaison to the President.” At Auggie’s expression, she added a “What’s wrong? New administration, new liaison, right? He’s got to work somewhere.”

“Before he was the CIA liaison to the President, he was involved in black ops. Not even Joan has access to most of his file. He’s part of the Wilcox old school, black ops, evil void of doom ready to suck us all in. And by the way, still better you than me.”

“Not everyone who did black ops can be that bad.”

“You’ve met Wilcox right?” Auggie paused. “Are you giving me a dirty look?”

“What do you think?” Walker asked as she laughed and exited the room.

“Briefing’s in ten!” Auggie called after her.


Eric Weiss didn’t want to be here but he had little choice in the matter. The new administration had brought about many changes in jobs, including his own and now he was assigned to this department. The CIA had changed more than he liked since he’d “left”. There was now an almost obsession with their “era of transparency” as Campbell had put it. Black ops were frowned upon by the new hires and relationships between colleagues were encouraged. Mike and Syd sure had bad timing there.

Eric had felt the stares and odd looks. He was a representative of Wilcox’s regime. Very few people, if any, in the room had the clearance to even read most of his file which was a red flag for many of them. Wilcox was a self absorbed ass and the whole ‘working for Sloane the psycho’ thing had been a bit much at times, but there had been a purpose to it. He glanced over at the young woman in the corner, who couldn’t have been with the agency long.

“Alright people, settle down,” Joan Campbell’s voice interrupted his thoughts and brought his mind back to the issue at hand. “We’re working an angle at the moment that could prove very sensitive. We have reason to believe there is another shipment of arms that terrorists are attempting to smuggle into the United States. We’ve been tasked with averting that and catching those involved. She was systematically passing out the folders. “Agent Eric Weiss has been kind enough to grant us the use of his contact network, which is quite extensive. He’ll be meeting with one of them later this afternoon.” Joan carefully scanned the agents before her, almost smirking when she saw Jai’s eager to be chosen look, pausing a moment, then continuing and stopping on Annie. “Annie, you’ll accompany Agent Weiss to the meeting.”

“Alright,” Annie managed, recovering. Joan vaguely wondered why she was always so surprised about being chosen for a mission. Jai’s indignant look was reward enough to reassure it was the right call.
Joan continued, “Auggie is already working on the databases and trying to make sense of some of the clues we’ve got. I need everyone working full time on this and I need your best efforts. Jai, you have contacts in other divisions – use them if you need. I want this information sorted BEFORE our weapons make landfall in the United States. I want to know who, how, why and how many. Dismissed.”

All of the agents in the room filed out, save Weiss. “The newbie?” he asked, not really bothered by Joan’s choice, but curious.

“She’s good at her job or she wouldn’t be here, you know that.” Another pause. “Things have changed around here more than you know. Most of the ‘newbies’ as you call them are scared to death of you.”

“Long term that vision won’t work and you know it,” Weiss replied. “Transparency at the cost of all else isn’t the best way to go.”

“We work with what we’ve got,” Joan replied cryptically. “Besides, you went from dealing with the off books operations to all politics. Your experience with politics will serve you well here because that’s what management is all about these days.”

“I’m not going to stay in management, Joan,” Weiss replied.

“Then unless I miss my guess you’re going to teach at the Farm.”

“Who squealed?”

“Transfer paperwork flew through my office earlier. You’ll do well there. As soon as your information gathering is done, you’re cleared to head over.”

“Thanks Joan.”

“Not a problem, for an old friend. But if we get any lemons, I’m blaming you from now on.”

“Fair enough.”


“Joan’s in there laughing with him like they’re old friends,” Annie reported to Auggie, who was furiously typing on his computer.

“Maybe they are,” he replied distractedly. “Oh sorry, here’s your blackberry, recharged and ready to go. Good luck. Watch out for the vortex.”

“I’ll do my best,” Annie replied, “But if I go, I’m taking you with me,” she added, teasing.

“Don’t you dare.”


The car ride was odd to Weiss. Agent Walker kept giving him sideways glances. “Will you stop it? I’m trying to drive here you know,” he said in a light voice. “What’s with the odd looks?”

“Oh, sorry,” Annie said.

A moment of silence passed before Weiss felt her looking again. In a sudden move, he pulled the car off the highway onto the side of the road. “Spill,” he said.

“They tell me you’re dangerous,” Annie ventured as bravely as she could.

“Well my jokes can be pretty bad, though you ought to see my yoyo tricks…”

“That you worked with Wilcox.”

“You’ve read my file… or the part you could. You’re smart and you can read between the lines. I’ll be the first to agree with you that Wilcox did many things wrong but many of the decisions he made saved lives.”

“And some cost lives,” she countered.

“And I know that better than you do. I’ve seen things I hope you never do and I’ve been shot, tortured, and so on and so forth,” Weiss replied. “The CIAs current obsession with transparency and teaching every new agent to fear everything about the Wilcox administration is just ludicrous though. And I can’t believe you are buying into that. You’ll understand one day though. All agents figure it out sooner or later.”

“Figure what out exactly?” Annie asked pointedly, sounding so much like Sydney in that moment that Weiss couldn’t believe it.

“You’ll face your nemesis and you’ll either overcome the evil, quit or become the evil. Like they used to teach us back at the farm – the truth is complicated.”


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